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What does the Verified Vendor sign mean?

We understand that your wedding purchases are special and you would like some added security before you part with your hard earned money. The verified vendors on our platform have been vetted to ensure they are legitimate and have close to zero customer complaints. All verified vendors have the green security tick sign. Please sort by verified vendors when searching the vendors’ directory to enjoy the added layer of protection. Always check out product’s quality and make sure it meets your expectations before you make a payment as all vendors are required to state the product’s current condition in the product description.

Can I buy from an unverified vendor?

You may purchase an item from an unverified vendor, however we advise that you read customer reviews and check all social media pages and website linked to that product before you make payment. Please note that the Wedding Ready platform is constantly scanned for fraudulent or fishy vendors. We also advise that you do not transfer money to an unverified vendor without receiving the product first. Wedding Ready would not be held liable for any purchase you make that results in loss of funds. Please send an email to customer.relations@weddingready.ng to report a vendor who has failed to deliver an item. Wedding Ready would delist the vendor after thorough investigation is carried out and the vendor is found to be fraudulent or fishy. Avoid any product that appears too good to be true and shows unrealistically low prices. Never share your personal financial information, bank account details, passwords or any other information that could be misused. Do not pay higher than the amount advertised to any Wedding Ready vendor. Please report any seller who asks you to pay higher than advertised for a product by sending an email to quinn@weddingready.ng